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Tea Memorial Hall

Curator Weiyi is a modern version of a skilled Chinese master, who lives in seclusions. He owned a tea business in a mountain and enjoyed sharing his mysterious life through the medium of tea.


Day-Good Restaurant

A Chinese bacon restaurant is hidden in a historic building. The store is owned by a former News anchor who bankrupted in her late 20, but then set up a business step by step.


Ho Hsing 1947

A traditional pastry shop has inherited 70 years of craftsmanship. The third-generation owner Zheng Kuangyou and his wife, Ren Jialun, have given the traditional food culture a new look.

Photo Credit: Richelle Sze

What is it like to live in Taipei for a day?

In the morning, locals may grab a Chinese omelet or rice ball, then hop on a scooter or catch the Metro. In this bustling city, all kinds of people manifest Taipei’s angles in unique ways. 

Our website introduces Taipei’s “society,” “lifestyle,” and “culture” from local people’s perspectives. We shuttle between modern and traditional buildings to uncover the stories behind “Taipei Locals,” and let you know that the most beautiful part of this land is its people. 


Photo Credit: Richelle Sze


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