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Taipei, a sprawling metropolis in Asia, combines modern and traditional sensibilities to create unique lifestyles while also possessing valuable humility. It has centuries-old historical buildings with a strong sense of culture and art, attention-catching modern and esthetically pleasing architecture, and Metro stations with green energy designs that seek to protect the environment. When locals have free time, they enjoy riding communal bicycles, the u-bike, to commute around the city, from urban areas with skyscrapers to the green grassy riverside park.

The multicultural society includes people from different nations and backgrounds, bringing together economics, technology, art, and humanities. Blending all these elements, Taipei has established unique characteristics. However, as downtown people walk fast, crossing the street to head to work, they may forget that the small vendors in the alleyways possess the purest stories and may gradually forget the hard work of previous generations behind every popular attraction.

In Taipei, we carve out various traces of culture and life, constantly infuse them with new vitality, use our own experiences and vision to draw beautiful paintings that belong to Taipei, and tell stories of humane Taipei. Our website introduces Taipei’s “society,” “lifestyle,” and “culture” from local people’s perspectives. We cover stories about places, foods, feelings, and how these cultural elements connect with the residents of Taipei. We seek to connect people, communities, and even nations together to bring us, everyone who has a unique soul, closer.

Photo Credit: Richelle Sze

Taipei Local, Richelle Sze

Richelle Sze is a content producer who has lived in Taipei for over 20 years. Currently, she’s pursuing a Master of Science degree in Digital Social Media at the University of Southern California. 

She started creating digital content in 2014, including producing videos, blog posts, travel vlogs, taking photographs, editing documentaries and trailers. Now, She has produced and edited over 10 documentaries of local people’s stories. With an undergraduate degree in TV production and communications major, she’s equipped with both storytelling and interpersonal skills and is devoted to conveying valuable messages via the most appropriate medium. Having a multicultural background with family from Hong Kong and study experience from the United States, Richelle immersed herself in a broad spectrum of people from different backgrounds and tones, listening to individuals’ voices and open discussions. 

Experiencing close relationships with local communities in Taipei for decades, Richelle is hoping to introduce this beautiful city from various angles. Taipei Locals and Richelle are enthusiastic about showing you stories of individuals, shops, and industries in Taipei. From traditional alleys to modern buildings, you can find her shuttling around the streets to uncover stories behind the locals and capture moments of sunshine smiles on people’s faces.


Iris Liang, travel blogger

I’ve been living in Taipei for decades. Before visiting this website, I considered Taipei, in regard to its suitability as a place to take up residence, as a prospective but cold city. Taipei Locals has, however, encouraged me to slow down my hectic daily pace to listen to the voices of the people who surround me; to hear their stories, to sense the warmth in their voices, and to acknowledge their lives. Digging deep into the stories on this website, I found that Taipei is teeming with vibrant souls. And we, as local residents of Taipei, all have individual stories to tell. This website shows the world not only the diversity of our city, but also the common threads among the Taipei people.

Photo Credit: Iris Liang

Millie Chou, columnist at eslite

Embarking on a journey throughout the streets of Taipei, Richelle has set out to discover the city’s culture. She walks through secluded streets to reveal a hidden warmth. Using her unique perspective, Richelle records these exclusive stories and enshrines every touching moment.”

Photo Credit: Millie Chou

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