Author: richellesze

Tea Master Chang Nai-Miao Memorial Hall

Maokong (貓空), located in Muzha (木柵), Taipei, is famous for tea. In the past, it was the largest tea-producing area in Taipei. Coupled with its geographical advantages, Maokong has a panoramic view of Taipei City. This area is home to many tea houses and tea farms.  An endless stream of tourists come on weekends, taking the […]

Day-Good Restaurant

The Zhang Xiecheng Stone Factory (張協成石廠), established in 1904 during the Japanese occupation, is a historic building protected by the Taipei City Government Act. Today, the building houses a unique restaurant, Day-Good Restaurant (日好食堂). The interior features old wooden decorations, lanterns placed at the entrance, many green plants, and flowers. The smoky aroma of Chinese […]

Sheng-Long Dried Food Shop

Dadaocheng (大稻埕), which played an essential role in Taipei’s economic history in 1860, became a distribution center for trading goods after Tamsui Harbor (淡水港) opened. It was also the largest commodity business center in northern Taiwan during that time. Dihua Street (迪化街, in Dadaocheng) was the busiest area. A variety of economic and cultural buildings, […]

Ho Hsing 1947

Desserts with human touch delineate home. Located on bustling Dihua Street, Ho Hsing 1947 (合興壹玖肆柒) is a traditional Chinese pastry shop that has inherited 70 years of craftsmanship. Mist wafts gently from a steamer inside, mixing with the lively atmosphere in the small shop, composing a warm scene. A chef is steaming and creating colorful […]